Art you can stick anywhere.

I started making stickers in 2020 as a sort of creative outlet.

My VERY talented teenage son started working on lots of digital art and it appealed to me in a lot of ways so I picked up the iPad and stared drawing too! I already owned a cutting machine and so I started making stickers for myself, after sharing on social media, they became quite popular with my friends too.

After selling nearly 400 stickers to my friends in under six months, I decided to open up shop. Hopefully I'll continue to find success with this hobby, because I find SO MUCH joy when my friends share my art "stuck" to their lives. Whether it's a laptop, a water bottle, a phone, or just thumbtacked to the wall near their workspace (because some of us can't stick a sticker--it's too permanent!), it makes me so happy to see my cute little bits of art out there in the world.

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